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by └lain Farah, translated by Daniel Canty

Count the stones. Too many to count. When they end up as one you step into the beginning of numerals. A geological "all for one."

Plots are bred in baths. Life self-organizes through mirrors.

A scheme that frames.

And your teeth too are pure metaphysics.

How can you understand stone? You must write without knowing how to count. Doubt, then, never will frame your vision: reading, after all, will only seem an accident.

The siege is laid in the midst of answers. But what you see does something else. Truth surrounds, stills the image and the word with the reflection of "we will see we will."

Under the rock, at the centre of our disquiet, life organizes. Stone is not very talkative. But do NOT underestimate its strategic aptitudes. If the stone stays still, it is to better reflect.

No, do not fret. In the counterframe, the eye (much more than the word) serves as proof.

Look at the trees. They also are teeth.

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