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einstein's dreams : dna bio
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DNA Productions
by the HorizonZero editors

Founded in 1991 by Steven Forth, Vancouver's DNA Productions specialized in commercial and educational multimedia in the realm of culture and the social sciences, including such topical areas as music, ethnography, and world history. In collaboration with its software and design arm, DNA Media Services, the company's content creation and publishing activities included Web sites, cd-roms, and DVDs for both North American and international markets. Interactive titles covered popular Canadiana (Glen Gould: The New Listener; Klondike Gold), as well as subjects of global scope (Silk Road; Masks: Faces of the Pacific).

Einstein's Dreams, an interactive companion to the novel by Alan Lightman (Warner Books, 1993), was completed by DNA and Daniel Canty with additional funding from Telefilm Canada, and was broadcast on the Web between April 14 and June 30, 1999. However, the project was never published in its final form as a book and cd-rom. DNA Media ceased its activities as a multimedia publisher in September 1999, just when the project was ready to go to press. When DNA's license on the domain name www.einsteinsdreams.com expired in 2001, it was acquired by a pornography service. Einstein's Dreams was a finalist for the EMMA international awards, Prix Moebius International, and the International Digital Media Awards, where it won bronze for best overall design.

Permission to republish portions of Einstein's Dreams in HorizonZero has been granted courtesy of Steven Forth.

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