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Issue : overview

17 : Tell : Aboriginal Story in Digital Media

pŕ-Ôcimohk. Let us tell you a story. For Aboriginal people, storytelling is a way of using metaphor to understand our roles and responsibilities on the planet. Each teller is imbued with the task of engaging with the listener, by synthesizing the energy of the audience, location, time of year, and related phenomena, in order to offer the listener portals to deeper encoded truths, and so engage them in a meaningful way toward balance and harmony. Recently, Aboriginal storytellers from across Canada and around the world have been carrying their traditional and contemporary narratives into the world of digital media - from video and broadcasting to animation and interactives - allowing these stories to be iterated to a worldwide audience. TELL explores a variety of contemporary issues: intellectual property, languages at risk, science and mythology, the utilization of narrative in new disciplines and technologies, and how modern tellers translate their message through virtual time and space to engage with the listener. Starting from a foundation based on a Cree worldview (nŕhiyawin), the edition also gives voice to all our relations by profiling the work of African, Asian, Caucasian, and Indigenous storytellers from across North America and the globe.

(September/October 2004)

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