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Best DVD : Salut, Riopelle!
TRAM Design Multimedia with the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Expert's Comments
A film, at every moment, projects its story toward us. In Salut, Riopelle! (written and directed by Sophie Malouin), not a moment passes without us also making the story happen. For those who listen to the dvd's chosen materials, interactivity becomes a language. Here, it is the (immeasurable) life and work of the Quebec artist Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923-2002) that interface with the medium to create the illusion of a human encounter. Salut, Riopelle! is a diptych, allowing us to go back and forth between fact and evocation in a gradual, layered approach to Riopelle. The Encyclopedia (exemplary in its rigour) is the factual companion of a far riskier enterprise: an "interactive experience" that sketches a salute, at once farewell and homage, to an exceptional life. Nine "worlds" evoke Riopelle's singular path, from his birth in Montreal to his retirement on ╬les aux Grues (with a long detour in Paris), from his approach to abstraction to his return to nature. Painting, for Riopelle, appears as an art of gesture, revealing the forces that give shape to the sensual world. In Salut, Riopelle!, navigation is also an art of gesture where motion opens the way into meaning. Here, the path, like all that lives on the computer, is directed - but it takes its course, like life itself, by carving a way through the thick of things. ~ Daniel  Canty

Expert at Large : Daniel Canty
Daniel Canty is a writer and director who conceived and directed the first two issues of HorizonZero. For three years he worked with Vancouver-based DNA Media, where he directed an interactive interpretation of Alan Lightman's book, Einstein's Dreams. Now back in Montreal, he works with the C'est selon poetry collective (www.cselon.com), among other activities. At this time, his projects are real, but secret.

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Salut, Riopelle!

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