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Best Game : Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Ubi Soft

Expert's Comments
Splinter Cell is a collection of stealth and espionage brain teasers. As secret agent Sam Fisher, you're placed into one tense situation after the next and - while given a wild assortment of creative tools (under-the-door snake cams, remote whistle cameras) and a full range of athletic skills (ceiling split jumps, forced co-operation of guards from behind) - it's often only through ingenuity and practiced skill that you'll find a solution. "A" solution, not "the" solution, as the brilliance here is the game's open-ended design, and the unpredictable artificial intelligence of its characters. Your Sam Fisher will be different from my Sam Fisher because you'll learn tricks and find solutions I won't discover. It's a concept that impressed novelist Tom Clancy so much that he branded it as part of his universe, and gave the Montreal designers access to his contacts in the US National Security Agency for research and realism. Ubi Soft Montreal invented new visual effects and displayed an unparalleled artistry through lighting and mood. The game is a masterpiece of programming skill and level design. The different versions released this year achieved a number of firsts: reproducing Xbox-only effects on the PC; a downloadable level through Xbox Live; and using the Game Boy Advance as a linked tactical screen for the GameCube edition. ~ Kris Abel

Expert at Large : Kris Abel
Canada AM's tech correspondent Kris Abel is also one of our country's top video game gurus, having written about their virtual wonders for the past four years on Web sites including AOL.ca, Chapters.ca, Viewz.com, Ebay.ca, and GG8.com. He is associate producer for the television series Game Nation, as well as online reviewer for the show's Web site GameNationTV.com.

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Splinter Cell

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