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reflection : credits

HorizonZero 12: Shine: the best of canadian new media 2003
December 2003
Produced by the Banff New Media Institute in collaboration with the Culture.ca gateway.

HorizonZero is produced by the Banff New Media Institute in collaboration with the culture.ca gateway.

Sara Diamond

Martha Ladly

Executive Producer
Susan Kennard

Sandra Dametto

Line Producer
Cindy Schatkoski

English Editor
Angus Leech

French Editor
Sylvie Parent

Editorial Assistant
Shirley Roburn

Interactive Designer
Jeff Dawson

Graphic Designer
Myron Campbell

Graphic Production Assistant
Nadine Lessio

Technical Production Lead
Lisa Betterton

Technical Developer
David Jack

HorizonZero 12 : Shine : the best of canadian new media 2003
December 2003


Best Animation
Chilly Beach
Produced by March Entertainment and CBC Television
Nominated by Dan Fill
Photos courtesy of March Entertainment

Best Book on Digital Culture
Digital Play: The Interaction of Technology, Culture, and Marketing
By Stephen Kline, Nick Dyer-Wiheford, Greig de Peuter
Nominated by Marc Glassman
Image and text courtesy of McGill-Queen's University Press

Best Convergent Media Project
Odd Job Jack
Produced by Smiley Guy Studios
Nominated by Patrick Crowe
Photos courtesy of Smiley Guy Studios

Best DVD
Salut, Riopelle!
Produced by Tram Design Multimedia Inc. in collaboration with the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec
Nominated by Daniel Canty
Images courtesy of Tram Design Multimedia Inc.

Best Digital Imagery
The Natural History Museum
By Janieta Eyre
Nominated by Valérie Lamontagne
Photos courtesy of Janieta Eyre

Best Game
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Produced by Ubi Soft
Nominated by Kristopher Abel
Images, videos courtesy of Ubi Soft

Best Interactive Installation or Performance
Frequency and Volume / Relational Architecture 9
By Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Nominated by Danièle Racine
Images courtesy of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Best Software Artwork
Computational Origami (body of work)
By Erik Demaine
Nominated by Richard Lachman
Images courtesy of Erik Demaine

Best Audio Artwork
By Skoltz_Kolgen
Nominated by Alain Mongeau
Images, video, sound courtesy of Skoltz_Kolgen

Best Web Interactive
The Presence of Absence
By Peter Horvath
Nominated by HorizonZero
Images courtesy of Peter Horvath


Site Audio
Christopher Mazzella



Sara Diamond
Martha Ladly
Sylvie Parent


Timothy Barnard

Sophie Campbell
Daniel Canty
Danielle Henripin
Yves Lanthier

Copy Editors
Angus Leech

Émery Brunet

Proof Readers
Angus Leech

Dominiq Vincent

The Banff Centre
President and CEO
Mary Hofstetter

Senior Vice-President, Programming
Joanne Morrow

Director, Information and Technology Services
April Kintzel

Director of Operations, Media and Visual Arts
Luke Azevedo

Arts Marketing Officer
Lachlan Mackintosh

Canadian Heritage
Director General, eServices
Mostafa Zommo

Director, Culture.ca
Vladimir Skok

Director General, Canadian Culture Online
Ted Bairstow

Legal Services
Christene Hirschfeld of Boyne Clarke, Barristers
and Solicitors

© 2003 The Banff Centre

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