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categories : Best Software Artwork
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Best Software Artwork : Computational Origami
Erik Demaine

Expert's Comments
"Software Artwork" is a fascinating category to think about, because it combines a consideration of the algorithms and computer code behind a work, as well as its aesthetics, and even opens itself up to purely theoretical projects. My selection for Best Software Artwork is Erik Demaine's body of work in Computational Origami. This fledgling discipline applies complex computer models and mathematical proofs to problems in computational geometry, biological protein-folding, industrial manufacturing and, of course, the centuries-old art of paper-folding. What I love about Demaine's work is that it represents a wonderful combination of art and science; it endlessly hops back and forth between theory and application, between proofs and paper-cranes. He can start with a mathematical concept like a partial hyperbolic paraboloid, and emerge with algorithms for creating delicate paper sculptures. Demaine is a fascinating individual: born in Halfax, he graduated from Dalhousie University at age twelve, then did his PhD at Waterloo, and at twenty-one became one of the youngest professors ever hired at MIT. His work to date has culminated in 2003 with the award of a US $500,000 MacArthur "genius" grant for "exceptional creativity". He and his father (an artist and frequent collaborator) have discussed using part of the MacArthur funds for a large-scale art-project based on mathematics and modelling. ~ Richard Lachman

Expert at Large : Richard Lachman
Richard Lachman (www.richlach.com) is a Technology and Creative Consultant for entertainment, art, and software-development projects. He is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab's "Interactive Cinema" group, and has returned to Canada from San Francisco, where he worked creating emotionally evocative Artificial Life characters. He currently lives in Toronto with his partner and their brand-new daughter Jet.

Link :
Erik Demaine

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