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Best Book on Digital Culture :
Digital Play: The Interaction of Technology, Culture and Marketing

Stephen Kline, Nick Dyer-Witheford, and Greig de Peuter

Expert's Comments
Digital Play: The Interaction of Technology, Culture, and Marketing (McGill-Queen's University Press: 2003) brilliantly analyzes the video gaming phenomenon from its "na´ve" roots to its current status as a multi-billion dollar industry. What makes this book unique is its combination of critical perspectives drawn from childhood psychology, neo-Marxist ideology, political and communications theory, and post-modernist thought. Combining these disciplines in a coherent and relevant manner, the authors have crafted a book that is remarkably clear, subtle, and persuasive. Video games are at the forefront of astonishing growth in the digital networked industries, and the authors create a fascinating narrative, showing how competition between Sega and Atari, and eventually Microsoft, spurred the industry's innovators into increasingly complex yet graphically involving games. They demonstrate that the roots of this growth lie in a rampant capitalist ethos that has forced the industry to exploit workers in third world countries. Meanwhile, though the prime market for video games is children, the authors point out that their origins lie with the military industrial complex: the psychology of gamesmanship is based on conflict. They don't neglect to mention the more "God-like" games like The Sims, in which the need to dominate through technology and philosophy is less obvious than in "war games", but which in their own way mirror the capitalist society that these "acclimatized" children will eventually enter as adults. Profound, yet compulsively readable, this is truly the digital book of the year. ~ Marc Glassman

Expert at Large : Marc Glassman
Marc is the veteran proprietor of Pages independent bookstore in Toronto. He is also a radio and print journalist, film programmer, and documentary producer. Marc recently became editor in chief of POV, Canada's leading documentary and indie film magazine, and of Montage, the magazine of the Directors Guild of Canada.

Link :
Digital Play

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