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Best Convergent Media Project : Odd Job Jack
Smiley Guy Studios

Expert's Comments
Odd Job Jack ("the world's first sit dot com") is a Flash-animated TV/Web comedy about one Gen-Xer's miserable temp jobs. In every episode, Jack receives a new and absurd assignment, taking on every kind of McJob, from mortician's assistant to pharmaceutical test subject. I've nominated OJJ for the following reasons: First, the interactivity was not an afterthought. The series was an interactive property from its inception: it began as an online prototype, then became a Web series pilot, which inspired The Comedy Network to license the series for TV, which then triggered the current online production. Second, the interactive user experience is appropriate (and arguably a lot better than the TV version). The Web episodes presage an interactive-TV-like experience, with enhanced animated sequences that segue into games and customized sponsorship spots. Third, the single most significant factor in the success of a convergent production is the support of the TV broadcaster for cross-promotion. In this case, the broadcaster runs on-air bumpers encouraging viewers to go online, and also hosts the Web site. Most importantly, though, the series is funny, original, and weird in all the right ways. The writing is sharp (attracting two recent Gemini nominations), the character designs are bizarre, and Don McKellar is at his awkward, self-conscious best as the voice of Jack. OJJ just vomits gorgeous idiosyncrasies, and a very skillful cross-media design that makes the show the hottest and cleverest convergent property on Canadian TV. ~ Patrick Crowe

Expert at Large : Patrick Crowe
Patrick Crowe (Xenophile Media Inc.) is a Toronto writer, producer, and documentary filmmaker. He is currently producing interactive TV projects with CBC and CHUM Television, a dramatic series called Anxietyville, an interactive documentary titled Beethoven's Hair, and the visual chat environment Code Zebra. He also manages the Pioneering Content innovation business development program for the OMDC, and teaches at Seneca College.

Link :
Odd Job Jack

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