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categories : Best Web Interactive
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Best Web Interactive : The Presence of Absence
Peter Horvath

Expert's Comments
Peter Horvath is a photographer who was exploring the narrative and poetic possibilities of the photographic image on the Internet at a very early date, in particular with the Web site 6168.org. His most recent work, The Presence of Absence, was commissioned by the Whitney Museum of American Art, and is part of a number of artists' projects found in its online pages. This work presents the Web surfer accustomed to unbridled consumption and constant interactivity with a contrasting experience. Horvath plays with our expectations and the fragmentary and imprecise subjects of his work in a way that greatly vexes those expectations. Out-of-focus images and shifting textures and degrees of transparency quickly transport us into an oneiric, ethereal, and poetic world. A face works as an interface, leading to three paths which immediately plunge us into a private world. The use of multiple windows intertwines simultaneous narrative fragments in a very effective way. Screens come to the surface and disappear, like little drawers opening up to reveal secrets, thoughts, dreams, and memories buried within the memory of this face's inner world. We selected The Presence of Absence for its highly personal and poetic nature, and for its adroit use of the expressive potential of Internet technology. ~ HorizonZero Team

Expert at Large : HorizonZero Team
The category of Best Web Interactive was collectively juried by the HorizonZero team, with comments on Peter Horvath's piece written by intrepid French Editor Sylvie Parent. We hope that you enjoy the many wonderful projects featured in SHINE!, and wish all of our viewers a peaceful holiday season and a happy new year!

Link :
The Presence of Absence

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