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categories : Best Audio Artwork
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Best Audio Artwork : [ flüux :/ terminal ]

Expert's Comments
For several months now, Skoltz_Kolgen has been putting in place an artistic process that truly plunges us into the audio-visual realm. The result is a number of works in different media - including a feature film, a record, and a performance, [ flüux :/ terminal ] - in which the artists take advantage of the most recent technological innovations in image and sound manipulation in order to explore and put to use the specificities of unconventional broadcasting on two screens. Two image streams are projected in parallel, synchronized with the sound - or vice-versa, because there are times when it is difficult to tell whether the image or the sound is leading the way. VJing has been (over)exposing us for some time now to the free exploration of the relationship between sound and image. It took a long time for artists to seize hold of the same equipment in order to push enquiries toward more artistic and expressive directions. In Skoltz_Kolgen's performance there are moments of pure poetry, aligning all the elements to reveal hitherto unseen audio-visual dream-states, and to induce numerous moments of contemplative bliss. ~ Alain Mongeau, translated by Timothy Barnard

Expert at Large : Alain Mongeau
Alain Mongeau is the director of MUTEK (which he founded in June 2000), an event that explores the intersection of electronic music, sound experimentation, and digital culture. Previously, he was in charge of the "new media" section of the Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM) between 1997 and 2001. He was also program chair for ISEA95, the sixth International Symposium of Electronic Arts.

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