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categories : Best Animation
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Best Digital Animation : Chilly Beach
March Entertainment and CBC Television

Expert's Comments
My favourite Canadian animated Web project is ChillyBeach.com. Enter Chilly Beach: a fictional location somewhere in Northern Canada with all the folksy charm of a town like Sudbury. This animated world leaves no Canadian stereotype unturned. CB's biggest claim to fame is being Canada's fourteenth-friendliest town (according to a dubious 1983 survey), and introduces us to a cast of characters whose lives appear to revolve entirely around hockey, poutine, bear attacks, and politely hating Americans. While the project may not be to everyone's taste, it solidly hits an audience of boys aged twelve to twenty-five. The writing, performances, online production, and the depth of the site have attracted attention and awards across Canada and around the world. The use of animation in linear "webisodes", interactive games, a polar magnate investment module, and now television episodes shows a wide range of applications emerging from the same Flash Animation tool. But as much as I love the content of this project, I love the story of how it has evolved even more. Bootstrapped by creators Dan Hawes and Doug Sinclair for six years, the project grew from webisodes to a full franchise including a twenty-six episode television series on CBC. They've even built an animation studio to produce the Flash animated TV show... located somewhere in Northern Canada in the folksy town of Sudbury. ~ Dan Fill

Expert at Large : Dan Fill
Dan is the founder and head of Decode Entertainment Interactive Division. This multiple award winning division has produced content for The Jim Henson Company, MTV, Comedy Central, Turner International, Disney's SuperRTL, and Cartoon Network Japan. Dan is presently trying to learn how to play the bouzouki...but is failing miserably.

Link :
Chilly Beach

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