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Shine On!
Celebrating what's gone before and anticipating the year to come
by Sara Diamond

Shine evokes an outer glow that starts at the inside. It suggests the power of a polished surface, the arcing light of a fine cut stone. Shine infers cool. Shine is the attraction of metal.

In this celebratory issue, we have asked a committee of expert judges to tell us what they have taken a shine to in the world of Canadian digital media this year past.

It has been a tough year on many fronts, from political instability, to outright war. Many in the new media industries remain on the economic barricades. We acknowledge the times we live in and add our voices to wishes for peace.

That said, we sure hope that the light of HorizonZero shone on you over the past twelve months. This year we raised the bar for ourselves as designers, adding the regular commissioning of interactive works and rich visual and interactive design to our goals. We created a new portal page and a text version of the magazine, and improved navigation. Our largest challenge (and a very pleasurable one) was the decision to discover a fresh metaphor, interactive strategy, and internal navigation system for each issue that corresponded to the issue's theme.

For example, for REMIX! (our issue on VJ and DJ culture) our team created a sound and graphic "battle" gallery, with each artist building on another's contribution to the exquisite corpse of culture past and present. Then PLAY!, our exploration of children's interactive products, offered a playground populated by creatures and terrain challenges.

We also featured many artists from across Canada and across disciplines. We commissioned writers who shared their thoughts with you on a wide range of topics, from the nature of interactive documentary, to reviews of featured artists.

We discovered the power of data visualization in SEE!, considering the ways in which we make the invisible visible. We shared stories about home in FEEL!, building a temporary community with artist Wayne Dunkley and a host of writers and artists. In the aforementioned REMIX!, we moved our bodies and souls with the rhythms of DJ/VJ culture, Aboriginal hip hop, peer to peer collaboration, collage philosophy, and art remixing science. We paid tribute to the power of passionate documentary, and the emerging interactive documentary form, in WITNESS!. We played and played and thought and played, seeking to understand how kids and interactive media interface in PLAY!. We gossiped about the social uses of technologies in CONNECT!, celebrating the visionary work of Luc Courchesne and Montreal's Society for Arts and Technology (SAT).

Now, in this sixth issue of the year (and twelfth in total), SHINE!, we salute you!

We have been stirring the fire for next year's feast, and while the meal is still far from done, we know that we will have some rare delights for our viewers. We will share performance over the Internet as we collaborate with Calgary's One Yellow Rabbit during their High Performance Rodeo festival. We will dress up in the latest wearable technology. We will feel our way at the micro level of carbon life as we build the nanotech dream home of the future. We will rock to the digital music and sound revolution. We will share the stories of Aboriginal artists in interactive form, build our social networks, and look at the ephemeral and disappearing nature of the Internet in a special graphics art issue.

We look forward to our next year together! May peace shine in your lives!

Sara Diamond is Editor-in-Chief of HorizonZero.

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