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articles : Beating Bullies Online
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Beating Bullies Online

by Shirey Roburn

...I cry every night about going back to school after the summer and I do not know what to do. I've had all my windows smashed, I've been hit with a stick with nails on it... I want someone with a reply to tell me their thoughts on my case please.
- Submitted by Stanley in July 2003
Stanley - Nobody deserves to be subjected to that sort of treatment. It is a positive step that you have taken to share your stories with others. Your strength is evident.
- Reply submitted by Margaret on July 24, 2003 (one of 5 replies)

The www.bullying.org Web site is a collaborative project created to show kids that they are NOT ALONE if they are being bullied. Started in Cochrane, Alberta by students in Grades 1-8, along with teacher William Belsey, the site went online in February, 2000.

First and foremost, www.bullying.org is a place where people of all ages can share their stories, drawings, poems, music, and videos about bullying, and also receive feedback and support. Youth and adults can join moderated anti-bullying email lists, browse for books, articles, multimedia, and other anti-bullying resources, and post relevant material about successful anti-bullying projects and anti-bullying policies that schools and communities have adopted.

The site has, in fact, evolved into the world's most visited anti-bullying Web site, averaging about 200,000 visits per month. A quick glance reveals postings not just from North America, but from Trinidad and Tobago, Egypt, Nigeria, Australia, and the Philippines. Bullying.org is also involved in many national and international collaborative projects. As a partner with iEARN (International Education and Resource Network), www.bullying.org was recently part of an anti-bullying project in Sierra Leone, where children have been deeply affected by war. Meanwhile, in Canada, members recently participated in Don't say a word: interactive theatre about how not to get your ass kicked, a project initiated, and then streamed live on the Internet, by Vancouver-based Headlines Theatre.

Shirley Roburn is Editorial Assistant for HorizonZero.

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