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reflection : credits

HorizonZero 10: Play: growing up digital
August/September 2003
Produced by the Banff New Media Institute in collaboration with the Canadian Cultural Online Portal

HorizonZero is produced by the Banff New Media Institute in collaboration with the Canadian Cultural Online Portal.

Sara Diamond

Martha Ladly

Executive Producer
Susan Kennard

Sandra Dametto

Line Producer
Cindy Schatkoski

English Editor
Angus Leech

French Editor
Sylvie Parent

Editorial Assistant
Shirley Roburn

Interactive Designer
Jeff Dawson

Graphic Designer
Myron Campbell

Graphic Production Assistant
Nadine Lessio

Technical Production Lead
Lisa Betterton

Technical Developer
David Jack

HorizonZero 10 : Play : growing up digital
August/September 2003


CodeZebra Word Masher
Squidsoup in collaboration with CodeZebra Inc.

Special thanks
Sara Diamond, Richard, Lachman, and Anthony Rowe

LopArt program and access to HorizonZero LopArt gallery provided courtesy of les produits logicel LopLop Inc.

Monkey Pants
Design Skin
Nadine Lessio

Source Code
Monkey Pants is a reskin of the Perfect Maze game originally created by David Colquhoun (www.davidcolquhoun.com) and available as open-source code from www.ultrashock.com

Geoff Lillemon

Source Code
From the game FLAGMA by Hideki Uchiyama, Bluem Design

The Infinite Prime
David Kretz
Trent Noble

Design and Source Code
David Kretz for RACOL, the Rural Advanced Community of Learners

Trash Attacks
Myron Campbell

Source Code
This game is reskinned from Flash code provided by www.neave.com. It is based on Space Invaders originally designed and programmed by Toshihiro Nishikado for Taito

Concept, Artwork, and Design
Anita Johnston

The Misfits-Mark Cowel, Anita Johnston, and Reuben Ruiter

Interactive Design and Programming
Jeff Dawson

Sound and Audio
Luki Ilett

Tea Room Animation
Caleb Trott

Permissions and Thanks
Code Zebra Word Masher courtesy of Sara Diamond and the Banff New Media Institute
Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg image courtesy of Sarbakan
Deaf Planet image courtesy of Marble Media Inc.
Wampum belt image courtesy of nativetech.org; based on the Virtual Wampum Belt interactive

Shari Hatt

Site Audio
Sound Design
Marie Desmarteau
Phillip O'Toole

Music and Voices
Annabelle Kent
Martha Ladly
Shirley Roburn
John Sorenson

Interview Audio Editing
Sandra Dametto

Thanks to our interviewees: Vincent Brisebois, Tanya Classens, Steve Comeau, Neil Court, Patricia Ellingson, Dan Fill, Tali Fischer, Laura Groppe, Roma Khanna, Luc Lavergne, Vincent Paquet, and Richard Vallerand.

Shane Breaker
Sara Diamond
Martha Ladly
Angus Leech
Sylvie Parent
Shirley Roburn

Timothy Barnard

Michel Buttiens
Sophie Campbell
Danielle Henripin
Yves Lanthier
Sylvie Parent

Copy Editors
Angus Leech
Shirley Roburn

Émery Brunet

Proof Readers
Angus Leech
Shirley Roburn

Dominiq Vincent

Article Image Permissions
Degrassi.tv courtesy of SNAP Media Corporation
Creature Sphere courtesy of Collideascope Digital Productions
Deaf Planet courtesy of Marble Media
Bullying.org: Image by Punita, courtesy of www.bullying.org Where you are NOT alone!
Mia courtesy of Kutoka
Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg courtesy of Sarbakan
Rayman courtesy of Ubi Soft
TVOKids.com courtesy of TVOntario
Phoenix Quest courtesy of UBC Egems

The Banff Centre
President and CEO
Mary Hofstetter

Senior Vice-President, Programming
Joanne Morrow

Director, Information and Technology Services
April Kintzel

Director of Operations, Media and Visual Arts
Luke Azevedo

Arts Marketing Officer
Lachlan Mackintosh

Canadian Heritage
Director General, eServices
Mostafa Zommo

Director, Culture.ca
Vladimir Skok

Director General, Canadian Culture Online
Ted Bairstow

Legal Services
Christene Hirschfeld of Boyne Clarke, Barristers
and Solicitors

© 2003 The Banff Centre

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