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Ubi Soft: International Success in Montreal

by Sylvie Parent, translated by Timothy Barnard

In 1996, the French video game company Ubi Soft established an office in Montreal. Why Montreal? Ubisoft wanted to expand its activities and market share in North America. Montreal, with graduates from schools such as the NAD Centre and ICARI, offered an abundance of specialized labour. It was also a hub for animation software companies, such as Discreet and Softimage; it had a bilingual and culturally cosmopolitan character; and Montreal provided generous government assistance to multimedia companies. Today, Ubi Soft is the second largest interactive entertainment company in Canada, after the Vancouver production centre of the U.S. company Electronic Arts.

Ubi Soft's Montreal office is one of the company's largest production studios. With more than six hundred employees, it is dedicated to the production of numerous games from start to finish, using every available platform. With the growing popularity of online games over the past few years, special efforts have also been made to attract Internet surfers, and the Montreal office is very active in this field.

Ubi Soft is one of the ten largest interactive entertainment companies in the world. It has developed numerous games in all genres for every age category. Its Rayman series is one of the best known and most appreciated game series for children. The comic Rayman makes for an attractive principal character, and the games are also notable for their imaginative adventure scenarios and sumptuous visuals and sound. The Rayman series has been a huge commercial success, with more than eleven million copies sold worldwide since its creation in 1994.

Sylvie Parent is French Editor for HorizonZero.

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