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reflection : credits

HorizonZero 13: Perform: the stage is everywhere
January/February 2004
Produced by the Banff New Media Institute in collaboration with the Culture.ca gateway.

HorizonZero is produced by the Banff New Media Institute in collaboration with the Culture.ca gateway.

Sara Diamond

Martha Ladly

Executive Producer
Susan Kennard

Sandra Dametto

Line Producer
Cindy Schatkoski

English Editor
Angus Leech

French Editor
Sylvie Parent

Interactive Designer
Jeff Dawson
Jenny San Martin

Senior Graphic Designer
Myron Campbell

Technical Lead
Lisa Betterton


HorizonZero 13 : Perform : the stage is everywhere
January/February 2004

Site Audio
Myron Campbell

1-Minute Web Cam Cabaret
Produced by HorizonZero and High Performance Rodeo in collaboration with the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) in Montreal

Calgary Event Host
André Rodrigues

Calgary Performers
Jennifer Andersen
Samuel Garrigo Meza
Jeremiah John
Frances Kruk
Diego Medina
Sheri-D Wilson

Calgary Crew
Lisa Betterton, HorizonZero Web site Administrator
Sandra Dametto, Camera Operator
Ryan Johnston, Network Administrator
Angus Leech, Talent Assistant
Tom Montvila, Stage Manager & Videonics
Mike Pelletier, Computer Operator
Myron Campbell, Production Assistant
Frank Gallant, House Technician, One Yellow Rabbit

Special Thanks to OYR
Michael Green
Daiva Jocius
Kirk Miles
Ian Wilson

Special thanks also to Patricia Robertson

Montreal Event Host
Valérie Lamontagne

Montreal Performers
Pierre Beaudoin
Katarina Soukup & Jayson Kunuk
Michelle Kasprzak
VJ Pillow & James Duhamel

Montreal Crew
Franz Hildgen, Streaming Manager
Simon Piette, Network Administrator
Yves Deschênes, Technical Director
Joseph Lefèvre, Video Mixing
Jean Michel Dumas, Sound Engineer
Martin Chartrand, Production Manager
Namai Khampo, Camera

Special Thanks to the SAT
Monique Savoie
Martin Chartrand
Hugues Monfroy

Virtually Vaudeville

Ablakela courtesy of Dana Claxton
Music by peyote singers Johnny Mike & Verdall Primeaux, Special Thanks to the Grunt Gallery: Glen Alteen, Jay Thompson

El-Mareas courtesy of K-project. Music by Juanself

Julie in the Box courtesy of Julie-C. Fortier

Lesbian National Parks and Services: A Force of Nature courtesy of Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan
Special Thanks to Video Pool: Gabriel Schroedter

Tango from the CD/book Exploding Head Man by Ian Ferrier (Planete rebelle, 2000) courtesy of Ian Ferrier. Vocals and verse by Ian Ferrier, Guitar and composition by Sam Shalabi, Bass by André Asselin, Tablas by Will Eizlini, Percussion by Jay Scodnick. Recorded at DNA Studios by Andrew Frank, Produced by Andrew Frank and Ian Ferrier.

The Stage is Everywhere

Avatara courtesy of 536 (Donato Mancini, Jeremy Turner, with Patrick "Flick" Harrison)

Chiasma courtesy of Rebecca Belmore
Special Thanks to the Grunt Gallery: Glen Alteen, Jay Thompson

Mario's Furniture courtesy of S.E. Barnet & Hillary Mushkin

Repubocracy video clip from The Roman Forum Project courtesy of Antoinette LaFarge and Robert Allen.

Virtual Live text excerpt reprinted with the expressed written permission of Antoinette LaFarge and Robert Allen, subject to the original copyright

Sister Valérie of the Internet courtesy of Valérie Lamontagne

VJ Fleet courtesy of Julie Andreyev

AFK by Isabelle Jenniches & Michelle Teran

Performance Art and the Native Artist, by Aiyyana Maracle, in: Brice Canyon (ed.), Live at the End of the Century: Aspects of Performance Art in Vancouver. Excerpt reprinted courtesy of Glen Alteen, Grunt Gallery.

Théâtre et spectacle vivant : Création théâtrale et technologie numérique, by Franck Bauchard. Excerpt courtesy of labART, CirEN Université Paris 8.

Welcome to Electronic Café International, by Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz, in: Linda Jacobson (ed.), Cyberarts: Exploring Art and Technology. Excerpt courtesy of Backbeat Books

A World Exhilarating and Wrong: Theatrical Improvisation on the Internet, by Antoinette LaFarge. Excerpt courtesy of Pamela Grant-Ryan, Managing Editor, LEONARDO online magazine.

Technology and Intuition: A Love Story? Roy Ascott's Telematic Embrace, by Edward A. Shanken. Excerpt courtesy of Pamela Grant-Ryan, Managing Editor, LEONARDO online magazine.

Man or Machine? Forging Humanness in Contemporary Dance, by Naomi M. Jackson, in: Brian Webb (ed.), The Responsive Body: A Language of Contemporary Dance. Excerpt courtesy of Banff Centre Press.

FAQ, Plaintext Players Web site: http://yin.arts.uci.edu/~players, written by Antoinette LaFarge. Excerpt courtesy of Antionette LaFarge.

Images numériques, l'aventure du regard, by Sally Jane Norman, in: Les avatars de la scène numérique. Excerpt courtesy of École régionale des beaux-arts de Rennes.

Learning How To Kill, by Karla Ptacek, www.avatarbodycollision.org. Excerpt courtesy of Karla Ptacek.

Au-delà de l'illusion du corps de substitution, l'avatar caractère d'une écriture interactive, by Isabelle Rieusset-Lemarié. Excerpt courtesy of anomalie : digital arts.

Clicking for Godot, by Scott Rosenberg. Excerpt courtesy of Scott Rosenberg, Salon.com.

Interactive Characters: Communication and Drama in Digital Media, by Leena Saarinen. Excerpt courtesy of Leena Saarinen

Drama and the Digital Domain, by Mika Tuomola, in: Digital Creativity, Vol. 10, No. 3, 1999. Excerpt courtesy of Swets and Zeitlinger.


Sara Diamond
Angus Leech
Sylvie Parent

Timothy Barnard

Sophie Campbell
Danielle Henripin
Yves Lanthier
Sylvie Parent

Copy Editors
Angus Leech

Émery Brunet

Proof Readers
Angus Leech

Dominiq Vincent

The Banff Centre
President and CEO
Mary Hofstetter

Senior Vice-President, Programming
Joanne Morrow

Director, Information and Technology Services
April Kintzel

Director of Operations, Media and Visual Arts
Luke Azevedo

Arts Marketing Officer
Heather Belot

Canadian Heritage
Director General, eServices
Mostafa Zommo

Director, Culture.ca
Vladimir Skok

Director General, Canadian Culture Online
Ted Bairstow

Legal Services
Christene Hirschfeld of Boyne Clarke, Barristers
and Solicitors

© 2004 The Banff Centre

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