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Parable of Nowhen
by Spiruline Mendel, adapted from the French by the author

Prologue in if
as if:
a parable demonstrates

it is not taken as one
but taken apart
that mind and body
are a problem

heaven is the boundary
where one
leaks into one

what we and it lack
seek at the horizontal

Tale of Only Body
forever after, His tale begins:
Onlybody gets a Burma shave
a brand new cross
and wheels to go
- his Gospel Machine,
his Prayer Wheels

(hey, why carry a cross
when it can hold you up?)

this self-administered
was only
a gesture
against the soul

so, the journey:
our unwelcome messiah plies
the long-abandoned roads of if

to the radar
tuneless radios
no longer prayers
play Songs of Revelation

on the map of always
distance holds true
only to distance
bone latches on to bone
dust to dust returns
and soul stains the body
like an afterthought

silent litany:
what we seem to be
is not what we are
is what we seem to be
is not what we think we are
is what we seem to think to be
is not what we are
what we seem to think to be

apocrypha for lone messiahs:
across this bloodstained
expect no Resurrection
this railway ends
in our long-ago cities

is left to earth,
only the entelechy
of dead machines
tingles electric
with half-thoughts
of departed souls

quietly await
your Last Judgment
we are
no longer real

this announcement was brought
to you from heaven

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