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reflection : credits

HorizonZero 18: GHOST : Archive, Evolution, Entropy
November/December 2004

Produced by the Banff New Media Institute in collaboration with the Culture.ca gateway.

Sara Diamond

Executive Producer
Susan Kennard

Sandra Dametto

Line Producer
Cindy Schatkoski

English Editor
Angus Leech

French Editor
Sylvie Parent

Interactive Designer
Mark Bianco

Senior Graphic Designer
Myron Campbell

Technical Lead
Lisa Betterton

Web Production Assistant
Iwona Erskine-Kellie

HorizonZero 18 : GHOST : Archive, Evolution, Entropy
November/December 2004

Site Audio
Mark Germani

Main Interface
Original Photography
Iwona Erskine-Kellie

h0 Time Capsule
Script by Angus Leech
English Narration by Lisa Betterton
French Narration by Maude Turcotte

The Acropolis
Codice Off_Set
Created by Arcangel Constantini

The Ghosts of Mystic Pass
Concept, interactive landscape, research, and writing by Martha Ladly
Flash programming and media window design by Adam Leon

Amnesty Interactive illustration from The Art of Rini Templeton (The Real Comet Press, Seattle, Washington, 1987) reproduced in Human Rights Here and Now, The Human Rights Educators Network, 1998

Digital Club Festival interface © 2000 Digital Club Network

EVE The Garden Landscape interface © 1996 Peter Gabriel Ltd, Real World MultiMedia

First Person: Marvin Minsky art image from the series "Machine Dreams" by Charlotte Minsky Porson © 1985 Marvin Minsky

Laurie Anderson's Puppet Motel screenshot © 1995 Laurie Anderson

Xplora 1 interface screen shot © 1993 Peter Gabriel Ltd, Real World MultiMedia

Horizontal: Audela
Concept, photographs, and text by Daniel Canty
Additional photos by Iwona Erskine-Kellie

Note: The photos in this series include art works photographed on location at The Banff Centre in 2002. This includes KJ Butler's Male Genital Embryogenesis (1991), and a poster for The Marbolous Lithography, an open studio exhibition by Per Anderson.

Museum of Abandoned Things
Concept and script by Angus Leech
Special thanks to Bruce Sterling and the Dead Media Project

Alain Depocas
Sara Diamond
Hervé Fischer
Caitlin Jones
Tom Keenan
Angus Leech
Sylvie Parent
Bruce Sterling

Timothy Barnard

Michel Buttiens
Sophie Campbell
Danielle Henripin
Yves Lanthier
Sylvie Parent
Ève Renaud

Copy Editors
Angus Leech

Émery Brunet

Proof Readers
Angus Leech

Dominiq Vincent

The Banff Centre
President and CEO
Mary Hofstetter

Director, Information and Technology Services
April Taylor

Director of Operations, Media and Visual Arts
Luke Azevedo

Arts Marketing Officer
Heather Belot

Canadian Heritage
Director General, eServices
Mostafa Zommo

Director, Culture.ca
Vladimir Skok

Director General, Canadian Culture Online
Ted Bairstow

Legal Services
Christene Hirschfeld of Boyne Clarke, Barristers
and Solicitors

© 2004 The Banff Centre

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