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Issue : overview

15 : Flow : new movements in digital music

Did you know that the first synthesizer was invented by a Canadian? What about the planet's first two-way radio transmission? For the better part of a century, Canadians have been world class innovators in the field of electronic music, and the future is looking bright. FLOW tracks the latest developments in digital music and sound happening across Canada and internationally, tracing flows of sonic influence from past to present, acoustic to digital, underground to mainstream, and from culture to culture. We feature an interactive history of electronic music in Canada, two brand new online musical toys created by Canadian artists, plus essays and interviews covering topics from the latest electroacoustic tunes to wireless sound art, brain wave music (talk about head nodding), and the future of digital audio technologies. We even take you on a cross-country Summer road trip behind the wheel of our listening gallery stocked with tracks by five up-and-coming electronic musicians from across the nation. So adjust your seat, turn up the stereo, and get set to enjoy an ear-pleasing tour of Canadian digital sounds.

(May/June 2004)

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