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reflection : credits

HorizonZero 15: Flow: new movements in digital music
May/June 2004

Produced by the Banff New Media Institute in collaboration with the Culture.ca gateway.

Sara Diamond

Executive Producer
Susan Kennard

Sandra Dametto

Line Producer
Cindy Schatkoski

English Editor
Angus Leech

French Editor
Sylvie Parent

Interactive Designer
Jenny San Martin

Senior Graphic Designer
Myron Campbell

Technical Lead
Lisa Betterton

Web Production Assistant
Iwona Erskine-Kellie

HorizonZero 15 : Flow : new movements in digital music
May/June 2004

Site Audio
Frances Kruk and Diego Medina

Article Audio
Artist: David Rosenboom
Track: "On Being Invisible"
Album: Invisible Gold
Courtesy of Pogus Productions, Special thanks to Alan Margolis

Artist: Jackson 2Bears
Track:" excerpt from live set 30/01/04"
Courtesy of jackson2bears.net

Artist: Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit
Track: "Obscured by 5" (short version)
Album: Secret Rhythms
Courtesy of Nonplace (2003)

Canadian Electronic Music Timeline
By Leonard J. Paul
Graphic Design, Justin Adam
Additional Flash Coding, Jeff Dawson

"Riverrun" audio and photo of PODX system courtesy of Barry Truax

Photos of "Sackbut", "Multi-track", "Polyphone", "Hugh Le Caine" courtesy of Gayle Young

Audio of "Dripsody", "Sackbut Demo" and "Serial Structure Sound Generator" courtesy of Gayle Young

"Bell Speeds" by John Oswald
"Bédé" by Robert Normandeau
"Breathing Room" by Hildegard Westerkamp
"La Fiesta" by Sergio Barroso
"Qui est là" by Francis Dhomont
"God's Greatest Gift" by Alain Thibault
"Zénith" by Louis Dufort
All courtesy of Jean-François Denis, Electrocd.com and empreintes DIGITALes

"Structured Sound Synthesis Project" audio and photo courtesy of Bill Buxton

"Handel's Largo" performed by Emma Dame Albani, courtesy of Library and Archives Canada

"Skinny Puppy" interview by Brave New Waves

"John Oswald" interview by Brave New Waves

"User" live performance for CBC Radio 3 by Gavin Froome

"Badger" live performance for CBC Radio 3 by Manitoba, and photo of Dan Snaith of Manitoba, both courtesy of CBC Radio 3

"Skanky Panky" audio and photo of Kid Koala courtesy of Ninjatune Records

Sound Toys

Par Avion
Sound Design, Leonard Paul
Graphic and Interactive Design, Jenny San Martin

The Business Contact
Concept and Interactive Design, Paul Ortchanian
Music, Kirk Starkey
Illustrations, Tavish

Horizontal Road Trip
Curated by Patti Schmidt

Vancouver, B.C.
Artist: Secret Mommy
Track: "Bottom 40"
Album: Mammal Class
Courtesy of Orthlorng Musork

Winnipeg, MB
Artist: Venetian Snares
Track: "Dance Like You're Selling Nails"
Album: Higgens Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006
Courtesy of Planet Mu 2001

Ottawa, ON
Artist: Tim Hecker (aka Jetone)
Track: "The Work of Art in the Age of Cultural Overproduction"
Album: Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do it Again
Courtesy of Substractif/Alien8 Recordings

Montreal, QC
Artist: Akufen
Track: "1 ere Tournée"
Taken from the single Hawaiian Wodka Party
Courtesy of Musique Risquée

Edmundston, NB
Artist: David Kristian
Album: Mutek_03
Courtesy of Mutek Records


Rejean Beaucage
Andrew Brouse
Lucinda Catchlove
Chris Chafe
Sara Diamond
Angus Leech
Theresa Leonard
Sylvie Parent
tobias c. van Veen
Patti Schmidt
Brian Wright-Mcleod

Timothy Barnard

Michael Buttiens
Sophie Campbell
Danielle Henripin
Yves Lanthier
Ève Renaud

Copy Editors
Angus Leech
Shirley Roburn

Émery Brunet

Proof Readers
Angus Leech

Dominiq Vincent

The Banff Centre
President and CEO
Mary Hofstetter

Senior Vice-President, Programming
Joanne Morrow

Director, Information and Technology Services
April Kintzel

Director of Operations, Media and Visual Arts
Luke Azevedo

Arts Marketing Officer
Heather Belot

Canadian Heritage
Director General, eServices
Mostafa Zommo

Director, Culture.ca
Vladimir Skok

Director General, Canadian Culture Online
Ted Bairstow

Legal Services
Christene Hirschfeld of Boyne Clarke, Barristers
and Solicitors

© 2004 The Banff Centre

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