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Issue : overview

14 : DREAM : speculating the nanotech home of the future

Nanotechnology research intervenes at the scale of atoms and molecules, the very building blocks of matter, while digital media and computer science operate in the realm of the virtual. DREAM explores one place where these technology revolutions will one day converge: the architecture of the home. What if your dwelling could change shape, or be carried in your pocket? What if your living room responded to your moods? What if the flick of a switch could change a wall into a window into a door? What if your house remembered your dreams? Issue 14 begins with the present, and then speculates about near and distant futures in which silicon combines with carbon, fact collides with fiction, pragmatic science meets futurism, and domestic dreams compete with uncanny nightmares. Wander through interactive blueprints drawn by artists, designers, and scientists whose goal is to imagine the nanotech dream home of the future. Read fact and fiction writings on nanotechnology, responsive environments, nomadic houses, ethical struggles, diminutive dangers, the debunking of old myths, and the critical search for new ones. Above all, touch the material microcosmos, contemplate worlds where all is transparent, and join us as we consider a technology both amazing and disturbing.

(March/April 2004)

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