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  Mrs. Minny Paddy   Listen to the audio introduction Listen to an introduction to Mrs Minny Paddy by Joseph Naytowhow
  >>Mrs. Minny Paddy

>>Island Lake First Nation
Cree (Nêhiyawêwin)

1. "One day while I was feeling burdened by life's problems I began to have thoughts that made me wonder what it must be like in the afterlife. This happened four days after my daughter had passed away at a hospital in Saskatoon.

1. pêyakwâw mîna mêkwâc êyikohk ê-mikoskâtêyihtamân kahkiyaw kîkway pimâtisiwinihk kâ-mâci-mâmitonêyihtamân, tânisi êtikwê ê-ispayik mâna ôtê kotakihk askîhk itê ahcahkwak kâ-ayâcik ê-ay-itêyihtamân. êwako ôma nêwo-askiy ê-ispayik ê-kî- wanihak nitânis ôtê Saskatoon ahkosiwikamikohk.

2. Saddened by the death of my daughter I was not thinking very clearly, but managed to observe my regular prayers before retiring for the night.

2.kâ-isi-kaskêyihtamân nitânis ohci namôya kwayask nikî-isi-mâmitonêyihtên. mâka wiya ninâkatohkân ta-ayamihâyân mâna wî-nipâyâni kâ-tipiskâk.

3. As I lay in bed I was awakened by a presence in my room. It was my daughter. Her spirit came to visit me. She began to speak and this is what she told me. "Mother, the Creator is spiritually wealthy. He provides all that I need. Do not be concerned for me. Do not bother to place any offering of food for me. I have left you with my children. They are now yours to take care of and love."

3. ê-pa-pimisiniyân ôma kâ-pawâtamân êsa kâ-môsihak awiyak. nitânis! nitânis otahcahkwa ê-pê-kiyokêyit. kâ-mâci-pîkiskwêt êsa, êkosi ôma ê-isit, "nikâwiy, mitoni manitow wêyôtisiw, kahkiyaw kîkway nimiyik. kâya ka-mâmitonêyihtamihitin. kâya mîna ahpô kîkway mîciwin astamawin. kinakatamâtin nicawâsimisak, kiya aniki êkwa, ta- kanawêyimacik, mîna ta-sâkihacik."

4. The moment my daughter's spirit left the room I felt joyful and relieved of the heaviness from the days before. I now realise the importance of having faith in times of hardship where one's thoughts need to be directed towards a greater power."

4. mâyaw nitânis otahcahkwa ê-kî-sipwêhtêyit mitoni nimiywêyihtên êkwa ninakatikon anima kâ-kî-kosokoskâkoyân kîkway pêci nâway. kâ-kiskisiyân tâpwêwakêyihtamowin ôma kîspin kîkway kâ-pimipayik. ta-mâmitonêyimiht ispimihk ana ahcahk sohkâtisiwin kâ- ayât.

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Biography ~ Mrs. Minny Paddy

Mrs. (Mary) Minny Paddy was born at Island Lake SK, sometime in December of 1916. Her parents, Florence and Daniel Crookedneck lived during the resistances between the Canadian Government and the Indians of Treaty Six. To the Indian People from that period it was referred to as " the time when things went bad."

Minny married Archie Paddy from Thunderchild First Nation. Together they have had four children; two sons and two daughters. One daughter has since passed away. She lived at Thunderchild until her husband passed away, at which time she then moved back to Island Lake. The reservation, also known as "Ministikwan" is literally referred to as "place of small tree-lined islands."

While growing up, Minny learned how to trap muskrats by following her mother's example. She has worked as a janitor at the Okimawkamo School for many years. Other responsibilities she has had include: being a house keeper, gardener and mother.

A faithful Roman Catholic, she carefully observes church services and prayer meetings in her community as well as supporting spiritual gatherings organized at nearby communities.

Minny assists the local school teachers from time to time (acting as a resource about traditional child rearing), helping to raise her grandchildren and acting as a resource person for projects such as this world wide web site for Meadow Lake Tribal Council Office of Education.

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Island Lake First Nation

Cree Name:
English Translation:




many little islands with trees

Island Lake First Nation
Box 460
Loon lake, Saskatchewan
S0M 1L0
Phone : (306)837-2188
Fax : (306)837-2266

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